Jornada de Industria en la Ciencia

ZEC presents incentives at the conference of industry in science, organized by INEUSTAR

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Canary Islands.- The Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC), together with the INtech Tenerife Science and Technology Park and IACTEC – the Canary Island Astrophysics Institute (IAC) Technological and Business Cooperation Area – presented the opportunities offered in the area within the framework of the Industry in Science Conference organised by the Spanish Association of Science Industry (INEUSTAR). The organizers announced that they will open a delegation in Tenerife, which will serve as a catalyst to attract companies from the sector in order to promote technology and innovation.

In the presentation of the opportunities in the area, IATEC and INTECH analysed the potential offered by the Canary Islands, in particular Tenerife, in terms of infrastructures, facilities, programmes to support qualified employment and synergies with other technological companies and the advantages offered by the ZEC. On behalf of the Consortium, the director of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Investor Service Agency, Olga Martín, explained the tax advantages of this incentive to do business in the sector; Pablo Redondo from IACTEC explained those related to the promotional activities and Coqui García broke down the general and aid programs of INtech Tenerife.

These working sessions, inaugurated in Tenerife promote and establish synergies between entities with specific needs and companies that can cover them from sectors of industry such as technology, aerospace, astrophysics, medical equipment and bio applications, among others. The programme also included a section on the presentation of specific opportunities with the following speakers: Alex Oscoz from the IAC; Ramón García from the CTA Consortium; Manuel Collados from the EST Technological Development Project and Carlos Gutiérrez from NRT (Liverpool II). Along with these, Juan Ruiz Alzola presented Medical Equipment and Bio Applications and Alex Oscoz (IACTEC and IAC) Micro- and Nano-Satellites.

In this context, specific meetings were also held to announce the most representative projects currently in progress and those planned for the future, their implementation and the main challenges and needs related to the industry and proposals for collaboration. INEUSTAR is a private non-profit association of Spanish companies working for organizations dedicated to the conception, design, construction, operation and maintenance of scientific facilities and instruments in all fields, to contribute to the advancement of science and technology and the consolidation of innovation.



Videoconferencia con Sassari

ZEC participates in a round table on tax incentives and internationalisation organised by the chamber of commerce of Sassari (Sardinia)

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Canary Islands.- The Director of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Investor Relations Agency of the Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC), Olga Martín, and the Director of International Investment of the Canary Islands Economic Development Agency (PROEXCA), Carmen Sosa, participated in a round table organised by the Chamber of Commerce of Sassari (Sardinia), which focused on issues relating to the internationalisation of SMEs and the role of European Union (EU) tax incentives in contributing to the development of island economies. Representatives of various business associations interested in learning about the Canary Islands’ tax system attended this debate.

Both the ZEC and PROEXCA gave their views and explained to the participants the advantages of the Canary Islands’ Economic and Fiscal Regime (REF), particularly those of the ZEC, as well as the business opportunities offered by the Canary Islands as a geostrategic enclave from a tri-continental point of view. This round table, in which the Canary Island institutions participated via videoconference, is the starting point for a closer collaboration with the Sassari Chamber of Commerce in the future, taking into account the similarities that exist between the economies of both regions.

Emprendimiento Casa Africa

The ZEC attended the conference ‘Women in science and technology: Africa-Canaries’ and the conference ‘Promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation, as instrument of external action"

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Canaries.- The Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC) took part at the working breakfast ‘Women in Science And Technology: Africa-Canaries’, which took place in Paletexpress-Cajasiete and afterwards at the conference Promotion of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, As Instrument of External Action, held at Casa África, and at the latter presented the tax advantages of this incentive. Both initiatives are part of the action schedule of the Fulbright Specialist programme (United States Department’s educational programme), obtained by the Canaries Start-ups Association, Technology Base Companies and Investor Angels (EMERGE), which is attended by the Professor Michael Golberg (Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve, University, Cleveland (USA).

The agenda prepared for this programme includes the main actors of the island’s entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, together with other national and international organizations: Protoaltantic, World Bank, Fundación Mujeres por África, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), The Dock Innovation, Esglobal, Bridge For Billions, Peres-Center for Peace and Innovation, Esglobal, Bridge For Billions and the Instituto de Conflictos y Acción Humanitaria. The common denominator of these initiatives is to strengthen and detect growth opportunities for the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Canary Islands, while also viewing and understanding the role played by the technological entrepreneur in the knowledge economy. Another of the central themes focuses on analysing the role played by women in science, technology and innovation.