Pedro Alfonso y Pablo Martín Carbajal

The ZEC and Proexca will set up business missions to the Canary Islands to promote the islands as investment destination

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Canary Islands 25/01/2018. – The vice-president of the Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC), Pedro Alfonso, and the Director General for Economic Affairs with Africa of the Government of the Canary Islands and CEO of the Canary Islands Economic Development Company (Proexca), Pablo Martín Carbajal, have held a meeting in Santa Cruz de Tenerife to coordinate the foreign promotion actions for 2018, in the cooperation framework  between both entities to promote the tax advantages that the Archipelago offers to attract investment.

The ZEC and Proexca, public company under the Ministry of Economy, Trade, Industry and Knowledge of the Government of the Canary Islands, commit to enhancing the organization of business investment missions, so that the investors can find out in situ the opportunities offered by the islands resulting in the diversification of the Canary Islands economy and the creation of specialized employment. All this while continuing with the participation in international events. In addition, a greater boost will be given to digital marketing in order to contact with leading professional companies linked to priority sectors for the Canary Islands.

In parallel, the 2018 agenda includes  promotion actions in international markets like USA, Italy, Germany, France, London, Sweden, Peru, Brazil and China, among others, to disseminate the qualities of the Canary Islands as hub and logistics headquarters for business and trade relations focused on Africa.

With regard to the sectors, both explained that most of the proposals contained in the working plan have a multisectoral approach, and also include specific actions to enhance strategic activities with the objective of economic diversification, with an impact on sectors such as the audiovisual (film and animation), the ICTs, renewable energy, biotechnology, and logistics.

From the point of view of attracting investments, the first joint action between the ZEC and Proexca is aimed at the Italian market, where both entitieshave participated this week in the seminar (`Internazionalizzazione nelle Isole Canarie ´, a multisectoral event organized by Confcommercio-Imprese per L’Italia) in Cuneo to promote the Archipelago.

The more than seventy companies that attended this seminar were interested in the attractive tax incentive, as well as  the geographical position of the Canary Islands as operational and logistics platform for innovative activities between Europe, Africa and America.


Only in 2017, the ZEC authorized 136 companies that have committed to invest 103 million euros and to create 1,640 jobs in the Canary Islands, as Pedro Alfonso recalled.