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Sweden puts his sight CanariasZEC

ZEC Promoción

Canary Islands.- The Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC) presented its fiscal framework in an online seminar entitled The ZEC: Business Opportunities, aimed at the Swedish market, in which around thirty companies and tax advisers participated. The conference, with a multi-sectoral focus, had the collaboration of the Spanish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona and the international firm Watwick Legal Network. The objective of this initiative is part of the ZEC’s international promotion strategy, expanding the scope of action to attract investment in the Canary Islands from innovative economic sectors that diversify the regional economy and generate qualified employment. The seminar included interventions by Isabel Castro’s ZEC, in charge of explaining how this incentive is a tool for business due to the set of tax advantages it offers investors, and also detailed to the attendees all the procedures and requirements for access, and affected those most representative economic sectors on the set …