Gerontalia invierte más de dos millones de euros en un establecimiento residencial ‘cinco estrellas’ en Canarias

ZEC Promoción

Canary Islands.- According to forecasts, the center at full capacity will have a staff of 70 professionals

How did the idea of ​​starting the Gerontalia project come about?

It all started when we were informed about the sale of a hotel in the north of the island of Tenerife, which had closed about five years ago. From the first moment we appreciated that it was the ideal place to house a residential center for the elderly. After studying the feasibility of the project, we began with the procedures to acquire the property, whose facilities had suffered significant deterioration. So we took the first step.

The investment, which exceeds two million euros, is carried out with 100% Canarian capital through two entities: Elekagua, S.L. y Servicios y Gestión Residencial en Canarias S.L; the first, with an important trajectory facing diverse projects and, the second, with twenty years of experience in the social health sector. The new architectural project of the residential center has been developed by the AV2 Arquitectura studio.

How do the Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC) framework operate?

Knowing that this activity was allowed within the framework of the ZEC (Assistance in residential establishments with health care, the latter being mostly nursing services), we decided on its tax advantages and undertook the procedure to launch the business project. under this low tax regime

How many jobs does the company plan to create?

The hiring of personnel will be staggered as residents’ incomes are produced. According to our forecasts, when the center is in full regiment a staff of seventy professionals will be reached.

What professional profiles will be required for the human team?

We will have medical services, nursing, psychology, social work, social integration, occupational therapy, hairdressing, speech therapy and physiotherapy and, especially, geo-cultivators.

Where will the establishment be located?

The property is located in Los Realejos, a municipality in the north of the island of Tenerife, specifically on Calle Tierra del Oro 39, very close to the well-known El Monasterio restoration center. It is a privileged area for this type of facilities for various reasons: stable temperature, tranquility and proximity to the urban area. Regarding this last aspect, the center is located less than 200 meters from all the necessary services. At the same time it has an unbeatable location with spectacular views of the sea and the mountains, which offers a higher quality of life. It really is a special environment not suitable for hospitality, as it is not a tourist area, although it is for the management of a center of this nature. It meets all the conditions for the well-being of people.

What will the future facilities be like?

The building will be equipped with all the services required for this type of center and there will also be other quality complements. Currently the facilities need a comprehensive rehabilitation. We hope that the works will begin this summer. The architectural philosophy differs from the classic senior center in terms of hospital infrastructure, giving it a closer approach to that of a five-star hotel establishment, that is, a disruptive aesthetic, this concept is very rare in this type of center. A more integrative aspect with the landscape.

How many places will it have?

It will have a total of 125 places: 100 residential and 25 day center places.

Will there be a percentage of these of concerted ownership?

Although our preference is private management, we are open to reaching agreements with the public Administration to arrange places.

When do you estimate it will be operational?

We would like to open the doors of this center during the year 2021, although we will have to wait to know how the situation will affect our forecasts after the application of the measures derived from the state of alarm to stop the spread of COVID19.