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ZEC Promoción

Canary Islands.- Within the framework of the promotion, there is the regional participation in the Acceleration Program, organized by the mentorDay Association, specifically in the day dedicated to knowing the financing lines that companies have in the Canary Islands. During this, in which representatives of other institutions also participate, the ZEC specialists advise, in the so-called virtual speed mentoring, business projects that come from the fields: international, national and local.

On this occasion, the MAWmarketingOnline, which will be held from October 5 to 9, 2020, will be aimed at companies related to digitization, a meeting that will bring together entrepreneurs and companies from all over the world for a week to promote their projects with the help of 70 experts, living with other companies, experts and investors.



During the speed mentoring, which will take place on October 8, the ZEC will present and advise on this tax regime that is applied in the Canary Islands, a tool with full legal and fiscal guarantees, since it is a State aid authorized by the European Union (EU). This regime allows, according to employment and investment requirements, to pay a special tax established at 4% in Corporate Income Tax.