The taxation of the Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC), conceived as a State operating aid, is aimed at diversifying the regional economy and generating employments, which enhance, with full legal security, the creation of companies in strategic sectors for the Islands.

Hence, there is a wide range of activities authorized to establish themselves in the Canaries under this regime to operate with the international markets. Under the current regulation, all the activities developed in the ZEC may be located at any point of the Islands.

Several companies already operate in the Canary Islands under this tax regime and, in their commitment to the Archipelago, the attractive taxation of the ZEC has joined the opportunities offered by the Islands as a business platform.


Atos Consulting Canarias is a subsidiary of a relevant information technology services company, which has been operating under these tax advantages for fifteen years, being the first registered company in the ROEZEC in 2001.

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La Competencia Studios is a branch from the Spanish production company La Competencia Producciones, which has a long-term partnership with Televisa for the international distribution of some Spanish company creations, such as “Levántate” or “Pequeños Gigantes”.

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This company has been attracted by the situation of the Canary Islands as a strategic enclave for the service provision in the Mid Atlantic and the legal security of the ZEC tax advantages.

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