Canarias 4% del IS

CanariasZEC, an effective instrument to promote the economic diversification of the Archipelago’s productive model

ZEC Promoción

Canary Islands.- Within the framework of the unique Canary Islands tax system, there is an incentive whose purpose as regional state aid is to contribute to the economic diversification of the regional production model, betting on attracting business investment to the islands in sectors of activity that promote economic growth and job creation: the Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC).

Hence, to achieve this goal, this regime offers companies that are committed to establishing themselves on the islands a set of tax advantages to make them more competitive. Regarding the companies with legal requirements to operate in the ZEC, in addition to complying with the requirements established by the regulations, they must be companies whose activity diversifies the regional economy within the sectors: industrial, wholesale trade and services. All operational activities under this regime are taxed at 4% in Corporation Tax, a single tax within the framework of the member states, which also has the authorization of the European Union (EU), a fundamental issue for a safe investment.

Among the outstanding activities of the operating companies we find information and telecommunications technologies (ICT), activities related to tourism, transport and related activities, the audiovisual sector, renewable energy, recycling, manufacturing, R + D + i, business services , chemical industry, agri-food sector and wholesale trade and commercial intermediation, among many others.

The ZEC is projected as one of the great attractions of the islands for business, since the Canary Islands are an opportunity for companies.

Ventajas fiscales para muchos sectores canarias ZEC

The Canary Islands, a territory of great tax advantages for companies from many sectors

ZEC Promoción

Canary Islands.- The Canary Islands are a territory for business. Its unbeatable tax conditions are added to numerous incentives for business development in a legal and fiscal framework guaranteed by the European Union (EU). Among the tax figures, the Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC) stands out, a low tax regime authorized by the EU, which allows companies in many sectors to pay a special tax of 4% in Corporation Tax.

The inherent advantages of this incentive make it one of the most attractive low-tax regimes for international business operations.Therefore, more than fifty countries have invested in the Canary Islands, launching more than 650 companies that are generating the investment and employment that is required to operate under these acronyms.

The companies have a profile that contributes to the diversification of the Canary Islands production model, introducing business models that open up new market niches necessary for economic development and for the projection of the Canary Islands in the context of the global economy.

NOB166 frente al COVID 19

A company operating in the CanariasZEC launches a biocide for the prevention of Covid-19 now through spraying or nebulization

ZEC Promoción

Canary Islands.- With this new format, previously adapted for the protection of textiles by washing, the daily operations of cleaning fabrics are eliminated and replaced by a single weekly protection treatment.

A company operating in the CanariesZEC has its entire production system in place for textile protection against COVID 19 through its active principle, NOB166® Protect Clothes, now through a new format, which allows application directly on fabrics by spraying or spraying dry without the need for washing. NOB166® Protect Clothes form an invisible armor that protects any textile surface from COVID 19 and other microorganisms for a minimum of seven days, eliminating daily disinfection operations for a single weekly protective treatment.  

  The new normal needs new, more appropriate formulas. Hence, the company wanted to go a step further by launching its NOB166® Protect Clothes product applicable to areas of the everyday environment to provide antimicrobial protection 24 hours a day for a week. From the company they point out that, from the public, private and business sectors, they are very aware of offering 100% guarantee and security. In this framework, it is pointed out that now that the door is open to national and international tourism, certain areas require very controlled measures that guarantee the safety of customers in an efficient, effective and agile way to strictly comply with the preventive measures for avoid contagion.

Given the new outbreaks that are taking place in Spain in recent days, NOB166® Protect Clothes is especially suitable for different sectors such as transport, leisure and culture (cinemas or theaters), health (hospitals), horeca, etc. The company highlights that “a small gesture such as spraying once a week can change not only the summer, but our lives. It is a question of health ”.