Evento de startups con inversores y empresas

CanariasZEC attends South Summit,


The Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC) will attend the next edition of South Summit, which will be held in Madrid from 2 to 4 October. This event has become a leading global innovation platform focused on business opportunities among the entrepreneurial ecosystem of southern innovators of Europe and Latin America with investors and the most powerful corporations in the world.

Last year, the South Summit attracted over 4,300 founders, and 750 investors with a possible investment portfolio of over 55B euros. For this year’s edition of this great event for entrepreneurs, high-level presence will also be seen with speakers from powers such as Amazon, Twitter and Facebook, and other relevant investment funds. In addition, the program includes interventions of the CEOs of successful companies from various sectors.

The participating startups come from different sectors: energy and sustainability, consumer solutions, fintch and insurtech, marketing and content, digital business and government, smart mobility, travels and tourism, cutting-edge technologies, health and biotechnology and edtech enlighted.

South Summit also offers an exhibition of stands, a variety of talks in various rooms, a networking area and a special zone for education. Enlighted is focused on the reinvention of education in the digital world.

South Summit started in 2012 thanks to Spain Startup and the IE Business School. During the three days, each of the finalist startups will be able to close an agenda of 1:1 meetings with companies and investors of their choice.