ICTs, the sector with the highest number of companies in CanariasZEC

ZEC Promoción

Canary Islands – The Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC) has been projected as a tool for attracting business models related to information and communication technology. These business models have also introduced research, development (R&D) and innovation as a substantial part of their operational activities.

Within the framework of the ZEC, ICT has become increasingly important, and so has the number of business corporations created in this sector.

These figures now show that ICT has become the leading sector as far as authorisations and registrations are concerned. Likewise, the weight of ICTs on the total count of companies registered at the end of 2018 reached almost 22%, therefore placing them at the top of the ranking in terms of number of companies, even ahead of activities such as commercial distribution. It should be noted that computer activities constitute the bulk of the ICT sector in the framework of this low taxation regime, together with computer programming and consulting services, the development of apps and technology platforms, data processing and web hosting, backup and telecommunications services.

All these activities contribute to economic diversification and generate value-added employment in the archipelago.